Why Dehydrate?



Food as nature intended it. As you eat cleaner you will begin to taste food more intensely. Sweet foods will taste even sweeter; the bitter foods will taste wholesome and nourishing.

Energetic Enzymes.


Cooking at high temperatures kills 100% of the enzymes in our food. Enzymes are what is responsible for your bodies metabolic process- eating foods high in enzymes provide you with energy.

Vitamins & Minerals.


No need to take supplements and pills when you are getting all the nutrients you need from the foods you eat. You are what you eat- when you clear your body of pollutants you allow yourself a better quality of life.

Live Healthier.


Preserve Your Foods.

A food dehydrator delivers the vast majority of foods with the same vitamins and minerals as their fresh counterparts, in a remarkable array of concentrated flavors, nutrients and enzymes. According to the Energise for Life website, "The dehydration process retains almost 100% of the nutritional content of the food, retains the alkalinity of fresh produce and actually inhibits the growth of microforms such as bacteria."


Save Your Money.

Dried foods can be rather pricey in a store. A food dehydrator enables you to preserve fresh, nutritious foods in your own home at a fraction of the cost. The shelf lives of dehydrated foods can be decades long. Add your favorite nuts to dehydrated apples, pineapples, grapes, or cranberries for a tasty and healthy trail mix. Make genuine meat jerky from beef, poultry and pork. Banana chips are examples of what can be made by dehydrating to 3-5 percent moisture content. It's usually a good idea to soak dehydrated foods prior to consumption, preferably in distilled water. This promotes the absorption of just enough water for optimal taste. Another popular method is placing dehydrated food in a steamer. Absorbing steam plumps it up beautifully.


Reduce Your Waste.

 How many times have you bought a lot of produce at the store only to realize you can’t eat it all before it goes bad or gets too ripe? Since dehydrating extends shelf life so well, you can avoid ever having to throw out extra foods and eliminate unnecessary waste. You’ll be getting the most out of food you purchase-saving you money and saving space in the local landfill. Dehydration is a low-impact form of preservation that can turn your almost-overripe fruits and vegetables into a myriad of different and super healthy snacks. We throw away 25% of our produce in this country every year because they rot or spoil before we eat them. Dehydration can extend their shelf life for months, not to mention keeping you away from those toxic processed snacks.


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